Thursday, December 11, 2008

500! Greatest Comback ever

It was my junior year at Michigan and I had football season tickets just like every year. I mean who does want to buy tickets for Michigan Football - it is like gold. It was the Maize out game - meaning the Big House is colored maize, not literally but every one wears maize and when 110,000 people wear maize, it definitely looks colored.

Michigan vs Wisconsin at The Big House and I was and I am really privileged to be a part of the 500th game at The Big House. A lot of people would agree here that it was the most electrifying Big House I had ever been a part of. We were 1-2 before this and the season did not start as most of us had expected. We definitely had a growing team, and with a man like Rich Rod there is a great potential in this up and coming Michigan team. Our team was not playing quite the Michigan football as expected from the team. We were having troubles with kick return, not being able to hold ball and just about everything. You could see the frustration on Coach Rod's face and the silence in the Big House. Probably there were more people shouting "Let's go Badgers", who indeed were a minority at The Big House. It was 19-0 Wisconsin, and every one was passing sarcastic comments. People gave hope and a lot of my friends left at half time with sad faces.

But no one knew what was in store - the biggest comeback ever at Michigan Stadium. So, right after half time, we got the first first-down of the game and also positive yardage. I had sworn that if we did fumble or turned the ball over, I would leave the stadium as it was frustrating. But, that never happened. What we experienced was some football frenzy. We never stopped after the first touchdown Threet threw to Koger. Once we seemed like gaining some momentum thanks to Threet, Thomson, Minor and McGuffie and it was a green light all the way. The dead-stuck Big House came back to life and it was roaring. This electrifying ambience was someting I had never experienced as most of the games were one-sided usually. It was the most insane thing happening which probably the entire town could hear. It was the loudest thing ever.

We ended with winning the game 27-25. Not only did it mark the greatest comeback in Michigan Football stadium history, it also marked a great way to end the 500th game which probably will be remembered the most down the line!


Friday, November 7, 2008

Friday, November 7 2008. 2:30 PM EST.

I go to a school, which probably has one of the best school spirits I have come across. Not only, is it for sports but it is just about in everything we do. From research, to having the best programs in the nation, to the best sporting history, to the best academics we have got it all. It is something which are proud about, obviously in the good way and not being cocky about it.

This incident happened when I first entered The Big House, which is the biggest college football stadium in the nation (US). It was Michigan vs Iowa and obviously we dominated them. We have always had a great history and have all been a 5-star team in this sport. Never before had I heard about them nor the sport. I was a first timer and like every other Michigan fan I fell in love instantly. Although, I have been to stadiums like that before, but the ambiance was crazy. It was sensational. With over 100,000 people roaring on the top of their voices and cheering for the team, it was simple intense. This feeling of being is such an atmosphere literally gave me GOOSEBUMPS. All I could see around the turf were the colors MAIZE AND BLUE and heard voices shouting GO BLUE. I know there are a lot of people including some of my very close friends who probably make fun of this and feel that I am some crazy person who is overly obsessed with Michigan Football, but it is not until you experience it.

Maybe I am a football frenzy, maybe I like my college cheer way too much but it is only because I felt great being a part of the Michigan community. It is not until you experience it all, till you know what it is see your football team rush across the turf jumping and touching the Banner above them, which says GO BLUE - M CLUB SUPPORTS YOU and what it is to sing 'The Victors' which is by far the best FIGHT SONG ever created.

It definitely about the MICHIGAN EXPERIENCE.
My nik name is 6james6 and I am enterin the world of blogging today!

Hope it turns put to be a great experience!
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